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WSC, Inc. has developed the Master Equipment List (MEL) Unique Identifier (UNID) database for the Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. (AECI) Dell Combined Cycle Power Plant for upload to their Avantis computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).  A MEL UNID Process Guideline was written and provided as well.

WSC Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), with guidance and support from Dell Plant Management; AECI Centralized Support; and AECI IT, analyzed Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and Electrical One-Line Drawings to establish over 10,000 UNIDs for this 580 Megawatt “2-on-1” Combustion Turbine-Generator / Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) / Steam Turbine-Generator facility.

All UNID alpha-numeric character strings were structured with intuitive codes identifying Unit, System, Function (equipment) and Sequence Identifiers for each component.  Equipment Descriptions were created for each UNID.  Inherent “parent-child” relationships were enabled by the UNID and the associated Equipment Description.

Each of the 10,000+ UNIDs were classified to one of more than 60 systems that were identified through the drawings which covered Air/Gas, HRSG, Electrical, Environmental, Exhaust, Facilities, Fuel, Generator, Steam, Turbine, Water and Waste.  The UNIDs classified each piece of equipment (entities) to one of over 200 Function (equipment) Codes (i.e. pumps, fans, motors, valves, transmitters, switches, transformers, electrical buses, MCCs, circuit breakers, etc.) that were created consistent with drawing identification.  Sequence Identifiers were assigned consistent with the alpha-numeric drawing entity indicator.  Legacy information and drawing reference identification numbers were provided with the deliverable as well.

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