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  • Bill Woyshner - President
    Title: President Mr. Woyshner is a Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Drexel University (1982) and is currently President of Woyshner Services Company, Inc. Mr. Woyshner has specialized in the direction and management of organizations involved in Equipment Reliability process development and condition monitoring technology implementation. Mr. Woyshner has more than 37 years of experience in Engineering, Maintenance, Equipment Reliability and Asset Management. He has previously served as director of the EPRI Monitoring & Diagnostic Center and Maintenance Director for PECO Energy and Exelon.
  • Bernie Cook - Executive Vice President
    Title: Executive Vice President Bernie Cook is an Executive Consultant supporting industry with implementing new IIOT equipment reliability process and technology solutions to address today’s significant reliability and cost challenges. He is a retired power utility professional from Duke Energy with over 38 years of experience implementing advanced technologies to support operations and maintenance improvements. He was responsible for implementing Duke Energy’s Equipment Reliability Programs including the Monitoring & Diagnostic Center and Duke Energy’s SmartGen Project, an industry leading Advanced IIOT Infrastructure of over 30K sensors and advanced analytics in over 50 power plants. Since retiring and partnering with WSC, he is sharing his experience with other companies to help them streamline the implementation of new continuous online monitoring technologies and integrate into their equipment reliability programs.
  • Ron Griebenow - Executive Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Ron has over 35 years’ experience in power plant performance, condition monitoring and operations training for the electric power industry. He spent nine years with GP Strategies Corporation focusing on business development, development and implementation of APR technologies and plant performance improvement/consulting. Prior to that he was the President and co-founder of PCS, which specialized in engineering support, training, and software products directed toward increasing plant performance and availability, optimizing manpower usage, and reducing overall operating costs. In addition to his management and business development responsibilities for PCS, he spent 8 years on contract to the Electric Power Research Institute as the Director of EPRI's Fossil Plant Simulator and Training Center. He is a member of the ASME, a member of ASME’s Committee for Certification of Operators of High Capacity Fossil Fuel Fired Plants, and a member of ASME PTC 101 (Plant Performance Related Outage Inspections) and PTC 102 (Plant Performance Related Operating Walkdowns). Ron is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of South Carolina and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Idaho.
  • Ed Abbott - Senior Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Ed Abbott is a Mechanical Engineer with a BSME from Purdue University in 1978 He spent almost 40 years at Duke Energy working in and for the generating stations. Mr. Abbott has experience in vibration analysis, thermal performance testing and analysis, generating station operation and maintenance, environmental compliance planning and metrics. Mr. Abbott spent 5 years working in Duke's Reliability Monitoring & Diagnostic Center responsible for Coal, Combined Cycle, Simple Cycle Combustion Turbine and Hydro units.
  • Rob Wellington - Senior Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Mr. Wellington has over ten years of experience in the electrical utility industry as an electrical/I&C superintendent and regional project engineer for Duke Energy's continuous online monitoring project. Mr. Wellington specializes in the design and implementation of some of the power industries’ most advanced online monitoring systems while providing the training and support to clients to ensure long term success.
  • Keith Wood - Senior Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Mr. Wood is a professional with a Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from LCCC and currently a Senior Consultant with Woyshner Services Company, Inc. Mr. Wood has specialized in condition monitoring technology implementations. He has more than 47 years of experience in Maintenance and Operations of large fossil units. He has previously served as an I&C Supervisor, Maintenance Manager, Operations Manager, O & M Manager, and Manager of M & D Center for Carolina Power & Light, Progress Energy and Duke Energy. Mr. Wood was responsible for startup and management of a large utility M&D Center. For the last 7+ years he has been heavily involved in the design and implementation of on line condition monitoring systems for the electric utility industry.
  • Bob Woyshner - Senior Consultant
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  • Gary Noce - Senior Consultant
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  • Jim Wilcox - Senior Consultant
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  • Michael Morris - Senior Consultant
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  • John McClain - Senior Consultant
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  • Mike Ralph - Senior Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Mike Ralph received a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University in 1979. Mr. Ralph has over 40 years’ experience with rotating equipment and is experienced in all aspects of equipment reliability including RCM, RCA, equipment investigations, criticality assessment, evaluation of plant modification, oversight of craft repair, mentoring and oversight of PdM technicians. He managed the vibration, thermography, and lubrication analysis programs and component specialists at Exelon LaSalle Nuclear Station, and is a Certified Analyst in Vibration, Thermography, Motor Current and Lubrication. He has extensive experience with turbines, large and small pumps, fans, compressors and many other types of rotating machinery.
  • Don Kerber - Senior Consultant
    Title : Senior Consultant Don Kerber received his Bachelor of Engineering Sciences from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1979. Mr. Kerber spent 38 years at a Midwest, publicly traded utility, with experiences ranging from plant engineer, plant startup engineer, operations engineering, maintenance engineering, boiler engineering, and ended with reliability engineering favoring advanced pattern recognition and thermal performance analysis. Mr. Kerber established a fleetwide Monitoring and Diagnostic Center to identify mechanical and performance issues early in their development with the goal intervening before the issue results in asset failure or significant energy loss
  • Ed Johnson - Senior Consultant
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  • Paul Crimi - Senior Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Paul Crimi received his BSME from University of Lowell in 1978 and his MSME from Union College in 1982. Mr. Crimi has over 38 years of experience in engineering and management in the Power Generation industry, with specific expertise in gas and steam turbine component design, gas turbine component repair, and steam turbine thermodynamics and applications as well as operations management experience for gas turbine-based power plants. Mr. Crimi has held various operations, engineering and support management positions, spending the last five years focused on long-term service agreement evaluation and support, equipment purchase due diligence, root cause failure analysis support, and monitoring and diagnostic center development programs.
  • Marcus Caudill - Senior Consultant
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  • Howard Nudi - Senior Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Howard Nudi received his BSEE from Geneva College in 1987 and his MBA from the University of Nebraska in 2000. Mr. Nudi has over 30 years’ experience in equipment reliability program planning, implementation, and training. He started his career in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Electrician. After completing his BSEE degree, Mr. Nudi continued his military career in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Trained Submarine Officer where he held various positions responsible for submarine nuclear power plant operations, maintenance, and reliability performance. He was certified as Engineer Officer by US Naval Reactors (NAVSEA 08) in 1993. He retired from the Navy in 2005 at the rank of Commander. Following his Military Career, he started work in the commercial nuclear power industry with Duke Energy where he held various engineering management positions at both McGuire Nuclear Station and Corporate Engineering. While at Duke Energy, Mr. Nudi developed and implemented the Nuclear Fleet Monitoring & Diagnostic Center and all associated models, procedures, and staff training as the Program Manager. He was the honorable recipient of the 2016 EPRI Technology Transfer Award for his program. Mr. Nudi also served on the EPRI Advanced Remote Monitoring Technical Advisory Committee as Chairperson. He retired from Duke Energy in 2018.
  • Dan Strong - Senior Consultant
    Title: Senior Consultant Daniel Strong is a Senior Consultant with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University. Mr. Strong has specialized in Equipment Reliability (ER)Programs and Processes. He has over 40 Years of experience in the Nuclear Power Industry in Engineering and Maintenance. He has previously served as I&C and Electrical Maintenance Supervisor and Superintendent, Engineering Superintendent and Project Manager. He retired from a large utility in 2013 where he was responsible for leading the ER Programs and Processes for 15 years. He has had leadership roles in industry ER groups and authored the Guide on Single Point Vulnerabilities for EPRI. For the past 5 years he has been consulting with utilities to improve their Equipment Reliability and Asset Management.
  • Tyler Woyshner - Reliability Consultant I
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